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Gustavo Fuertes

Founder and Director of Legendland Films, is an awarded screenwriter and director of short and feature films. He began his career in short films and documentary productions working as Cinematographer, Screenwriter, Cameraman and Director.
As producer, Gustavo got a Diploma of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for his animation short film presented at the Olympic Games of Los Angeles: The Spirit of Olympus (1984).

Gustavo founded his own independent production company Legendland Films and the branch High Contrast, a special, holding company of effects and animation, dedicated mainly to short films. As producer, screenwriter and director, he got a Silver Plaque at The International Chicago Film Festival for his short film: TheFinal Judgement (1992).

He collaborated directly with Juan Carlos Fresnadillo in the production of his multi awarded short film: Esposados (1996) (US Title: "Linked"), nominated for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscar) (AMPAS).
Years later, Gustavo collaborated with Juan Carlos Fresnadillo again, to supervise the script of the feature film: Intacto (2001).

Gustavo has worked as TV director for CEMAV at the National University of Distance Education (UNED). He has been a Screenwriting and an Audiovisual Narrative teacher at the Madrid European University (UEM), as well as at the CEV and the Screenwriting Factory. He has also taught courses in Screenwriting, Film Directing, Cinematography, Camera… He has worked for 30 years in all kind of cinema productions.

Gustavo graduated in Audiovisual Communication at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and at the Centre of Image Studies. He also learnt about the specialized script, pitching and experimental cinema.
Gustavo Fuertes is currently based in Madrid, where he develops his feature film projects and helps young filmmakers to create theirs.

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Entrevista a Gustavo Fuertes

Television interview Castilla Leon (Rtvcyl) to Gustavo Fuertes while recording the teaser for the TV series entitled "Thirteen Accounts Necklace " (AKA "El Cónclave) in February 2012.

Making Of · El Collar de Trece Cuentas.

El Juicio Final (The Final Judgement with english subtitles)